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If portability and lightweight luggage is important for you consider Delsey Luggage.

The origins of Delsey started on 1911 when the Etablissements DELahaye specialises in manufacturing cases for cameras, typewriters or electrophones. In 1946 : DELSEY was created by the SEYnhaeve brothers. The brand name is composed of the first three letters of the two family names.

Today Desley ranks second as the best luggage manufacturer. They manufacture more than 4 million sets of luggage every year.

They sell their luggage in more than one hundred countries.

Delsey luggage comes in two designs, the soft-side and the hard-side types.

Delsey luggage has a superior warranty program and customer service. They want to make sure that every customer is happy with their products. Wherever you go, DELSEY agents and stockists are on hand to serve you. They can be found in more than 100 countries on the five continents. And they all share a determination to do everything they can to help you.

You cannot find Delsey Luggage Sets because Delsey luggage is sold per piece, unlike other brands.

There are several lines of Delsey products:

Leisure - Distinctive style, accepted originality with the innate capacity to adapt to any situation, giving complete freedom of movement at all times. A little like you, actually!

Prestige - Noble, distinguished and elegant right down to the smallest detail, this luggage line reveals its personality at first glance, highlighting yours even better.

Travel - Contemporary bags designed to be as adaptable as your needs. A line dedicated to those who have a mission rather than a destination, those seeking perfection and serenity.

Business - You know it. Utmost efficiency is not a utopia. You are right in thinking that one can expect perfect ingenuity, irreproachable security together with impeccable style. With our business line your firm beliefs prove you right once again.


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